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Posted By: Don Firth
27-Dec-05 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Advice for anti-war anti-bushites here
Subject: RE: BS: Advice for anti-war anti-bushites here
Little Hawk, I once heard a philosopher of ethics say, "Yes, if you are going to be an ethical person, you must judge the behavior of others and the beliefs that lead them to that behavior. And furthermore, you must be prepared to be judged on the basis of the judgments that you make!"

That makes perfect sense to me. Although this idea of "Judge not, least ye be judged" has a lot of credence because it is attributed to Jesus (recent research into what's been referred to as the "Q Gospel"—examinations of Biblical texts and contemporary accounts that, for various reasons, were excluded from the Bible—indicated that much is attributed to Jesus that it is doubtful he actually said at all), if you examine the concept logically, what my philosophy prof said makes a lot of sense—if you are to act in the world, and not just sit back and watch the passing parade with a sort of bland indifference to everything. This does not necessarily mean that you hate someone or consider yourself superior to him or her because you judge their actions to be wrong, immoral, or unethical. You are judging the person's behavior.

I believe that in Dante's Inferno, the lowest level of hell is reserved for those who "do not wish to get involved" and are content to merely observe all manner of evil with a casual indifference.

When you see cruelty, injustice, and indifference to the suffering of others and you become incensed by it, this comes from love. It's either hatred for those suffering from injustice or simply this damning "casual indifference" that allows someone to look the other way.

Don Firth