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Posted By: Don Firth
27-Dec-05 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Advice for anti-war anti-bushites here
Subject: RE: BS: Advice for anti-war anti-bushites here
I take issue with the idea that trying to maintain a sort of tranquil indifference in the face of some of the things that are going on in the world—especially if you can do something about it by speaking out strongly—as a failure to be a human being. Rabbi Zusya said, "When I am called before my Maker to be judged, I will not be asked, 'Why were you not Moses?' I will be asked, 'Why were you not Zusya?'"

"Unnecessary anger?" I don't think so. There is plenty for a rational human being to be angry about.

I am not normally an angry kind of person, but when I see the things this country's administration is doing, I don't see how anyone with a sense of decency can not get angry. In general, the Bush administration (the latest and most arrogantly blatant, but definitely not the first) is conducting policies, both foreign and domestic, that go against every principle and ideal that this country is supposed to stand for:   launching a war of aggression for control of resources and geopolitical power and lying through its teeth about the real reasons for it; claiming to protect its citizens against terrorist attacks by making the situations that cause them even worse, while at the same time failing to take real precautions to protect the citizenry against such attacks;   giving massive tax-cuts to the wealthiest segment of its population while increasing government spending to mind-boggling levels, running up a national debt that will take generations to pay off (if ever!), and using the results of it's own blatant fiscal irresponsibility as an excuse to cut funding for necessities for the most vulnerable of its citizens, including funding for education, Medicare and Medicaid, and the food stamps that some need merely to survive;   lies, cover-ups, a covert policy of torture, spying on its own citizens, appointing incompetent and indifferent cronies to positions of responsibility, and general arrogance, indifference, ineptitude, and stumble-bummery, all in the name of greed and in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar—not to mention not-so-covert attempts to support the establishment of a state religion (Christian fundamentalism) and improperly use Constitutional amendments and the Judiciary branch of government to legislate moral standards (the Bush administration, wanting to dictate moral standards!!??).

Beyond the above litany of malfeasance, let me give you one (just one) specific example of the kind of thing that makes steam pour put of my ears:   among the Medicare cuts that passed was cutting funds for home oxygen service for people who need it. But then, funding for this (thankfully for a friend of mine, whose life depends on it) was restored. The reason it was restored? The business of suppliers of home oxygen service would take a substantial hit if this funding cut was allowed to stand. And they have a strong lobbyist. So—did Congress restore funding because of any real concern for the people who depended on home oxygen service? No! Congress restored it because somebody with a loud voice in Washington, D. C., was going to lose money. That's what counts in this uncivilized and benighted country. Money. Only money.

Now if that doesn't make you angry, then you're either some kind of self-centered monster, or they should throw a sheet over you, put a tag on your toe, and close the drawer.

I give GUEST,Herb, who started this thread, the benefit of the doubt, that with an admirable combination of enthusiasm for the philosophical outlook of Deepak Chopra and an desire to see people avoid getting unduly worked up, he failed to think the matter through to it's logical conclusion. Especially within the context of the title of the thread, this tends to sound like a brief for acceptance of whatever kind of atrocity comes down the pike. I'm quite sure that any tyrant or tyrant's lackey would quote (and have often quoted) something similar.

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

The point is, GET angry!! Get angry enough to DO something about it!

Don Firth
(mutter mutter snarl!)