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Posted By: Little Hawk
27-Dec-05 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Advice for anti-war anti-bushites here
Subject: RE: BS: Advice for anti-war anti-bushites here
Oh, I've been anti-war most of my life. But I do think it's far wiser to be pro-peace. When you're for something, you've got something constructive to DO. When you're against something, you've got something destructive to do (fight with someone about it) (or just criticize them, which is verbal, psychic fighting). One of the classic examples of the fervent "anti" type of psychology on this forum is your pal and mine, MG. "Anti"s mean well, consciously, since they are defending what they think is good...well, they usually mean well...but they try to put out a fire by throwing a whole lot of gasoline on it. This gets themselves and others badly burnt in the process.

That's why Mother Teresa refused, when asked, to participate in an antiwar demonstration against the Vietnam War. She said, "Hold a peace rally and I will be there." I have participated in peace rallies from time to time.

This may seem like splitting hares to you...sorry..."hairs", I mean.

(not wanting to upset any rabbits)