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Posted By: Frankie
15-Jan-00 - 10:51 AM
Thread Name: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
Subject: RE: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
I just want to duck in under the fire and toss in my .02. I agree with Mc Grath's philosophy of passive maintenance, this place is running just fine and improvements like the super search make it all the better. Kudos, Max. I also like kat's MR idea. My time and access are limited and adding a Music Related prefix to threads whose names are somewhat ambiguous coupled with some encouragement to use prefixes on the Create a Thread page a la Lamarca's idea could be a real time saver. I know this would create more work for you Max and it's something I can live without as this is a pretty magnificent place in it's present state.
Also Sandy Paton, in an earlier posting, said something to the effect that it was rude to mention a song and not post the lyrics in the database. That seems like a good idea and I'd be happy to do so but is it officially (or unofficially) encouraged? Anyone?

Off to the Mudcat store to buy something, Frankie