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Posted By: Ron Davies
15-Dec-05 - 12:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
Subject: RE: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
OK Teribus--

You were going to tell us what "new information has come to light" (Cheney 8 Sept 2002) means to you.

Do you think you can take time out from your busy schedule of stocking the lake with red herring to answer the question?

Now, don't forget to be creative. After all, you stand to win another award--this one a plaque of a blind Mudcatter--in recognition of your wilful blindness. It'll look great next to your other awards--for sophistry and for creative interpretations of foreign policy--that last one, you recall, you won for your idea that Bush's invasion of Iraq was just taking direction from Clinton--truly an imaginative stroke.

So, do you think Cheney was just being his garrulous and charming self--and instead of talking about DC's chances for a baseball team, decided on the spur of the moment to talk instead about Atta's supposed meeting in Prague? Just the luck of the draw, right? Cheney had just read US News and World Report and felt like discussing geopolitical issues. If he'd read Better Homes and Gardens he might have given us his recipe for Cajun chicken instead, right?

Sure is fascinating that your chosen quote from 8 Sept 2002 is "Well, I want to be careful about how I say this. I'm not here to make a specific allegation that Iraq was somehow responsible for 9-11. I can't say that."

But somehow you left out what he said directly after that.

Which undercut--badly--the supposedly clear statement you love to quote.

You really need--in the worst way--to visit your local library to read some history and psychology--to find out how propaganda works.

You obviously have no clue.

What about your oh-so-earnest concern with context? Somehow you don't seem to care about context here.

Like TIA, I have a modest imitation of Cheney's style. Perhaps you can begin to learn about propaganda by reading it.

Well, I want to be very careful about how I say this. I'm not here today to make a specific allegation that Teribus somehow was responsible for his own house burning down. I can't say that.

On the other hand, new information has come to light. And there has been reporting that suggests Teribus had extremely serious financial difficulties. We've seen Teribus talking to known arsonists. And we have reporting that places him in a hardware store, a place where inflammable liquid has been sold, a few days before the house burned.

Are you beginning to see?

It's easy.

Again, so sorry about your shattered ego.

Next time, test the strength of the branch before you crawl out on it.