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Posted By: Teribus
14-Dec-05 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
Subject: RE: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
Arne Langsetmo Reveals All:

Arne - 14 Dec 05 - 02:02 PM


"You're quite right that it was Russert that framed the question. But it was Cheney that answered that question."

So you want the world and it's dog to believe that it is all a great big conspiracy - I never would have guessed, how amazing - well no, not really, just the same old Arne Langsetmo crap, rather poorly presented.

While you were tying yourself in knots explaining away the 16th September 2001 quote, you selectively ignored the one given on 8th September 2002. Still no doubt a Conspiracy Theorist of your calibre will come up with something or other - all of it equally preposterous.

So we now have Arne intimating that:

1. MSNBC and their Programme "Meet the Press" is under the direct control of the Bush Administration and that all "interviews" with members of the Bush Administration are "fixed" to further the cause of "The Propaganda Campaign That Never Was".

2. Still no explanation as to why the propaganda campaign has to be run - like who do they have to convince? You rather weakly churn out, the usual anti-war, anti-Bush, left-wing crap - "To sell the freakin' war" - Who to? As I stated earlier - The general populace, why they have no say in the matter - Congress, no need it was their committee that identified, assessed and evaluated Iraq as a threat - The UN in general, they like the population of the US have no say in the matter, and will do what their own Governments tell them to do - The UN Security Council Members, no point they will vote as directed by their Governments. So exactly who were they selling "the freakin' war" to Arne?