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Posted By: Ron Davies
13-Dec-05 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
Subject: RE: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!

You are just amazingly dense--you set new standards with every post.

What do you suppose "new information has come to light" means? (Which Cheney then details in a catalogue you yourself quoted?)

If he meant to say there was no connection between Saddam and 11 September 2001, why say anything but precisely that?--the catalogue was entirely unnecessary.

Unless of course he did mean to muddy the water--and in fact raise-- many--possible connections between Saddam and 11 September.

Which, as I've said ad nauseam is part of the propaganda campaign.

Read the paragraph starting with the "new information has come to light" sentence--carefully, for once in your Mudcat existence.