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Posted By: Llanfair
13-Jan-00 - 05:06 AM
Thread Name: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
Subject: RE: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
Well, welcome back, Shambles, the cat's back amongst the pigeons, I'm pleased to say!!
I have no real opinion about this issue, because I believe in acceptance, and the importance of listening to everyone, even if what they say is incomprehensible/trite/inconsequential or inane. Everyone has their point of view, and everyone should be valued.
Having said that, I avoid anyone who deliberately causes pain or makes people unhappy.
I haven't found anyone like that here, just people with knowledge, experience, and opinions.
The future of Mudcat? Who knows, but I'll be around to take part.
Hwyl, Bron. ,