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Posted By: Flash Company
29-Nov-05 - 09:49 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: A good song for Little John please
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: A good song for Little John please
Joy... My gran used to swear that this was a true story, and as children are the first begetters of folk song, I think I probably believe it.
The incident happened in a Cheshire village called Great Budworth around or just after WW1. Two local girls who both fancied the same fella met on the street one day and got into a real knock down, hair pulling cat fight.
No one was quite sure what to do, there was no village bobby, so someone, obviously an ancestor of our present PM, brought a 'responsible senior member of the community' to sort it out. In this case a Parish Councillor name of Joe Frith.
Far from sorting it out, Joe laughed so much that, as the saying goes, he 'had a little accident!'
The local kids caught on very quickly, hence....

Oh I slapped her face and I walked away,
With a hi for titty fal lal de ay,
I pulled her hair and punched her well.
And Owd Joe Frith he p****d hissel'

I'll get me coat!

Brian Q