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Posted By: GUEST,robert
21-Nov-05 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: ADHD- Ritalin
Subject: RE: ADHD- Ritalin
As a guy who was Diagnosed with ADD (or ADHD without hyperactivity if you like, it means the same thing and its simpler to say "ADD"), I studied the subject through middle and high school, and came to the conclusion that the whole thing is a mess. We have way more opinons about it then are nessary from varying points of view experiance and actual knowedge of the subject. The medical and psychiatric communtiy's authority on it has been undermined greatly by their focusing on the negativity of the symptoms and the apperant (however real or imagined) wide-spread pushing of medications for treatments above life style changes of the person diagnosed or social/enviromental changes for that person, by diagnosers.

The thing is ADHD won't kill you. It can make things difficult but there are many many many ways around difficult things. Medication for ADD is... complicated. I was medicated in middle and highschool but dropped it my junior year of highschool and went through all four years of college quite sucessfully without it. That this is because I grew out of it, or I never "really" had it in the first place is doubtful. I am still impulsive and often inattentive. For instance I have picked up five instruments (banjo, guitar, uke, accordion, bagpipes) in four years (not a diagnosis worthy fact, but indicitive anyways). Pint being I don't take medication. I consider it a personal choice. My younger sister takes medication (concerta) for ADD (again that is ADHD withoug hyperactivity) and she is doing just fine too.