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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
16-Nov-05 - 04:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Silly Secret Santa Signals - 2005
Subject: RE: BS: Silly Secret Santa Signals - 2005
Oh I just love these messages!!! And it's even funnier because I know who you all are!!!!


Seaking - your Santa is a frequent flyer but has chosen to follow the old adage of it being better to refrain from speaking and be thought a fool than to open their mouth and remove all doubt.

Micca - your Santa is not known for being quiet usually... I can only put it down to a penchant for wandering.

El Punkoid - your Santa is a lunatic. Sorry, it was the luck of the draw.

KatLaughing - you are a naughty girl and shall surely get what you deserve. : )

Elmer Fudd - your Santa has been hunting wabbits on your behalf but as it is now turkey season, should be turning their mind to other pursuits.

Charmion - your Santa is small of stature but big of volume, with the attention span of a gnat. You will get a present, but it may be more Easter Bunny time than Santa!

Cllr - your Santa is a rose amongst thorns and consequently is busy being adored.

Mooman - I am deeply, deeply sorry. It just happened that way.

and Stephen L Rich - same goes for you. I can give you the number of a good psychiatrist if you desire but he's usually busiest just after Christmas.