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Posted By: Old Roger
02-Nov-05 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
Subject: RE: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
Our family (Dad Mum and daughter ) used to play Concentration with other familys back in about 1975 when we lived at Fenny Stratford. We sat round in a circle. Each person had a number in order around the circle. One person was designated leader or starter.

The leader followed by all present sets up a slow four beat pulse

Beat one slap you hands down on your knees
Beat two clap your hands
Beat three snap finger and thumb of left hand
Beat four snap finger and thumb of right hand

Begin by chanting whilst keeping the hand movements going

Con    cen       tra    tion
Concen tration   now be gin
Keep    in       Rhy    thm

This bizarre spacing is an attempt to show how the words pulsed in time with the hand sounds.

The chanting stops but the rhythmic handwork keeps going.

The leader calls out two numbers. The first is his/her own number and then the number of another person in time with beats one and two. That person then calls out their own number and the number of another different person in time with beats one and two and so on.

It really requires a lot of concentration to keep the brain and hands working and coordinated and to remember the sequence. There are no absolute rules but you can decide beforehand what constitutes a break and offenders drop out until only one is left - the winner.

My wife and I were both teachers and we thought this was a great social, and hand and eye game, for kids. Did us good too.

I'd love to play it right now. It was fun.