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06-Jan-00 - 11:08 AM
Thread Name: 'Should auld copyrights be forgot ?'
Subject: RE: BS: 'Should auld copyrights be forgot ?'
T, You've shown yourself the better man by coming to me before I came to you. I too let some things you wrote bother me more than it should. In full reality mode, what bothers me the most about this issue are the countless posts over the moral or otherwise propriety of copyright in general. It is such a complex issue and your description of existing laws and agreements was fine, but the initial philosophy that there is a natural right to any work of the mind is, to my mind, arbitrary and against the very basis of "natural law" (like don't kill me, don't take my food); I couldn't let it pass. I'll write more when I get home, but no harm done, and I'm sorry myself for getting out of hand.