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Posted By: Chet W.
04-Jan-00 - 10:59 PM
Thread Name: 'Should auld copyrights be forgot ?'
Subject: RE: BS: 'Should auld copyrights be forgot ?'
An interesting and often debated argument here, but I have to ask again, if I create something, be it a song or a plow or a plastic bag, you're saying I should have no right to a share of the money that someone else makes off of it, right? Under current laws, you can use my songs as much as you like as long as you don't make a profit. When you do, I'm entitled to a predetermined and very small percentage of it. This is somehow wrong? What about painters; Should we be able to enter their studios and snatch what we want? If you're going to bring up the poor venue operators that can't have music because of the yearly licensing fee, so we all have less access to art, somebody has been bullshitting you on that one. If a business can't afford that fee, it's on the verge of folding anyway and might as well go non-profit. What they're really doing is lying to you to get you to play for less or for nothing. So what is this right you have to my work? Is it a moral right, a spiritual right, a natural right? I'd really still love to hear, after discussing this subject a hundred times in this forum, an intelligent answer to that.