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Posted By: Willie-O
04-Jan-00 - 11:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why did you choose your nickname?
Subject: RE: BS: Why did you choose your nickname?
Just about everyone here knows the real Willie-O, of course, the shady character inhabiting many folk songs who is usually found stabbing his lover, or at best running off to sea to get away from her.

He is sometimes accompanied in these endeavours by his brother, Johnny-O.

As someone once said in a movie, "hey, relax, I'm not really like that (except when I am)" No, really, I'm not. I am the morbid brooding type though, and decided to celebrate or at least accept this side of my nature through adopting the Willie-O alter ego.

The real joke is that this Willie-O actually married Molly-O, who civilized him somewhat, and they built a house in the hills and had a couple of younguns and are still there fifteen years later. Johnnie-O, my brothers real name, is also avoiding trouble and enjoying his new career as a museum technician at the Canadian War Museum, where he gets to sort through their huge collection of cannon balls (I presume), other weaponry, and militaria of all types, without hurting anyone.

Glad someone asked...