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Posted By: DonMeixner
29-Sep-05 - 01:10 PM
Thread Name: DylanOnTube-PBS/ScorseseDocumentary
Subject: RE: DylanOnTube-PBS/ScorseseDocumentary
I have never been a fan of Bob Dylan and I am no more a fan now than I was before. I think the true artist here is Martin Scorsese. Not because of the way he showed Dylan but the way he showed a time in our lives around a focal point for that time. I will admit that no matter how much I am unimpressed by Bob Dylan as a musician and a writer I must admit he was a magnet that drew together people and causes.

As a kid from 1950 I was coming of age through the middle of all the things that shaped and charged my generation. Civil rights, assassinations, a stupid war, religious deconstruction, riots, rallies and constant change. All seemingly taking place in 15 years and coming to a head in 1970 or so. The music of the day being a focal point that seemed to change as each change in the society is taking place. I think Bob Dylan
By virtue of the fact that he was willing to change along with the times and take his music along with is what gives this movie its center.

I find it interesting that people claimed of him to be something he never claimed to be. I recall a number of times when he said he just wrote down words and it was every one else said they were poetry.   He maintains this stand to this day. This shows a constancy that is in itself admirable and worthy of mention.

It is also interesting as a film by the people who are not there at all or minimally mentioned. Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Malvina Reynolds, Judy Collins, Carolyn Hester, Dick and Mimi Farina are a few. All of whom were shaped in some ways by the same times and moved in the same directions as Bob Dylan. And I think they too must have effected and been effected by Bob Dylan in greater or lesser ways.

So I will buy this film and watch it and enjoy it. Not because of Bob Dylan but because of how well this film tells the story of a pivotal point in my life. And Bob Dylan just happens to be the catalyst.