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Posted By: Ebbie
28-Sep-05 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: DylanOnTube-PBS/ScorseseDocumentary
Subject: RE: DylanOnTube-PBS/ScorceseDocumentary
(Sorry, Bobert- I didn't see this thread before I started the other one.)

The thing just blew me away. As I've said before, I had missed the whole Dylan thing and this was fascinating to me. I think the man is a genius- and I think the people around him- many of them geniuses themselves at what they did - thought the same.

How many performers in their 20s ever have as their backup people like Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, PP&M, the Staples Singers and on and on! As Mavis Staples said, Bob Dylan was articulating THEIR perceptons, perceptions that he had no way of knowing other than by the gift of insight and empathy.

Judging by the reaction of the UK to the subject, they still hold a grudge. *G*

How many here, given such lightning speed of a career and in the context of those tumultuous times think that they would have handled themselves better than Dylan did? How many here - or anywhere - would not have flamed out?

Bob Dylan showed stunning focus on the things that mattered to him. One of the things I thought came through very clearly was the fans' and the media's demands that a performer meet their own needs and demands. It has happened to innumerable performers and there is no sign of that changing. Most human beings can't handle very well the combination of adulation and tons of money. Those who survive it or who make their own way in spite of it are truly remarkable.

The questions he was asked were beyond inane. I've little doubt that at times he didn't field them as brilliantly as he did in the clips shown, but I'm full of admiration for the times that he did.

Last night after Part 2 was over, Scorsese was interviewed by Charlie Rose, and that was interesting too.

It seems odd that the DVD was on the market before the shows were aired.