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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
27-Sep-05 - 09:26 AM
Thread Name: DylanOnTube-PBS/ScorseseDocumentary
Subject: RE: DylanOnTube-PBS/ScorceseDocumentary
I'm amazed that people still take issue with items like:
He stole Dave Van Ronks best guitar arrangements
He lifted old folk tunes wholesale, put new words to them, and called them his own.
He consistently lied about his background
During the period covered by the first part of this proogramme, he was no more politically aware or active than the average plumber!!!

Big f#&king deal! People make it sound like he was the only one doing these things.   Looking back at the folk revival, back to it's roots in the 1940's, most artists were doing that.   Woody Guthrie would make Dylan look like a saint!

The fact that Dylan was probably no more poltically aware than the average "plumber" (as if something was wrong with plumbers)makes Dylans accomplishments even more brilliant.   He was able to make his songs reach an audience that the more obtuse "poltically aware" artists could not match.

I would not want him for a close friend or even a neighbor, and I would never let him borrow a record, but that isn't the point.

After all these years you would think that the die-hard folkies would give him a break. You can't live on bread alone!