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Posted By: Bob Bolton
13-Sep-05 - 05:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: St Laurence O'Toole
Subject: Lyr Add: ST LAURENCE O'TOOLE (Finbar Furey)
G'day Mick,

It was on a re-released "Music World" CD: A Hour of Irish Gold, MWCH-6016, 1989, Hughes Leisure Group, Avondale, Auckland, NZ.

St Laurence O'Toole

St Laurence O'Toole of dear Dublin Town, good people, remember his name.
Patron Saint of this city we love, we'll always honour your fame.
To a Prince of Leinster you were born, the son of Morris O'Toole.
There were many children born that year, but God had chosen you, you,
God had chosen you..

You were given, then to a tyrant king, when you were but a boy.
While filling your frame with God's own love, His wonders and his joy.
This king, he ruled old Erin's Isle, with cruel fist and iron sword,
He tried to change your love for God - the One whom you adored, adored,
The One whom you adored.

But your father he heard of these terrible deeds and your fate on which they mocked.
He took you from that unholy place to the Abbey in Glendalough.
The Abbot there, who taught you, when first he saw your face
He knew that God had sent you - in time to take his place, his place;
In time to take his place.

But you died Archbishop, in Normandy, far across the sea,
Far from the people and the city you loved, in exile, your soul it went free.
You were kind and gentle, Saint Laurence O'Toole, your faith and love profound;
Archbishop and Abbot, patron Saint of the people of dear Dublin town, town,
The people of dear Dublin town, town.

Enjoy Already!

(I think it's fairly accurate ...)