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Posted By: WyoWoman
30-Dec-99 - 01:17 AM
Thread Name: Tell me about Si Kahn...
Subject: RE: Tell me about Si Kahn...
Victoria --

thanks for your posting. My very own daughter is one of those people with a rare gift for working with little children, and if ever there were a born kindergarten teacher or daycare teacher, it would be her. However, she's looked at the conditions and the wages and said, "No,thank you." She is working right now as a nanny, but it's only a temporary job while she decides where to go to graduate school and get a master's degree so she can make a decent living doing something having to do with "at-risk kids." We both know that the REAL place to make a difference with at-risk children is when they're 3 years old, but ... it's hard to make much of a life on minimum wage or only slightly over, which is what she'd be making as a pre-school teacher.

But, this is a political agenda that people are going to have to insist on before conditions change any, and right now we seem to be much more concerned about just about everything BUT ...