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Posted By: GUEST,Daisy and Minnie
28-Aug-05 - 09:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
Subject: RE: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
Yes, it's us. Donald and Mickey's long-suffering girlfriends. We're posting this together to let you know the truth about these bastards.

This is Daisy. I gotta tell ya, that Donald is one sex-crazy sonofabitch. If I hadn't had my oviduct tied years ago I'd be the mother of who know how many little Donnies. And do you know why he talks like that? Because he's drunk all the time, that's why! Crazy duck wears that sailor suit, do you know how many times I've tryied to get him to wear a shirt and tie, but only to be tossed aside for that thing he wears? And it gets sooooooooo filthy, what with the slobber he spits out when he's mad.

Honey, you got it easy! (This is Minnie.) You know why Mickey's voice is so high? You ever hear of "mouse balls?" Well, he ain't got any. And don't come around to me about those "nephews" of his, because they're really a couple of guys he picked up at one of "those" bars. No, in that first film he made, "Steamboat Willie" it was called, he got his willie caught in the, well, it's not nice to talk about it. Anyway, it should have been called "Steamboat Unwilly."

Come on, girlfriend, let's have another beer and go see Pluto and Horace.