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Posted By: GUEST,Veronica Rutledge
27-Aug-05 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
Subject: RE: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
You are clueless as usual, Cluin. Your offensive remark about Veronica Lodge is nothing more than envious sniping at your betters, in my opinion. I have rather modelled myself after Veronica, my namesake as it were, although she is a brunette and I am not. (I have hair the colour of dark honey, which suits my complexion really quite well.) Veronica has style and she knows how to use it. Betty is a nice girl, but really quite ordinary. She's the kind who ends up working behind a counter, marrying some stupid yobbo who drinks too much, and turning into a fat frump with curlers in her hair in some pathetic walk-up in East London filled with screaming kids.

Veronica Lodge, however, is the type who dates gorgeous men from all over the world, travels to places like Monaco and St Tropez, and gets her picture on the front of famous magazines. My type, in other words. I have studied these things quite carefully, using the example of my Aunt Penelope as my inspiration, and I am now approaching what Aunt Penelope terms the "dangerous age". I intend, like Veronica in the Archie comics, to have adventures, go interesting places, and see interesting people who are fun and extremely rich. The cream does rise to the top, you know.

As for that silly Archie Andrews, I imagine you are right. He's soooo pedestrian. Veronica would never surrender her virtue to a boy like him. Not a chance. Sad to say, there simply ARE no desirable boys in that comic. Not one. Reggie thinks he's desirable, but he's wrong. Archie thinks so too...and he is DEAD wrong! LOL! Even Jughead is cooler than Archie, in my opinion.

* Veronica