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Posted By: Severn
25-Aug-05 - 11:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
Subject: RE: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
Hey, Sailor!

You may have been strong to the Finnish, Popeye, but the Swedish preferred your rival! However, they DO prefer your FRIED chicken, (even if they stole the rights to "Chicken Pot-Pie" from you!)

And if you were REALLY any good, You'd have a successful chain of SPINACH restaurants. You're just lucky those N'awlins folks made some money off your dance craze years ago and still have a soft spot in their hearts and wallets for you. Not enough to include ANY spinach (or yams, for that matter) on the menu, of course! Now, by the time they'd actually cooked your spinach, it would likely be charred anyway, but the Collard Folks would probably still like it!

(My apologies to the Green Collard Workers. Fuzzy Zoeller made me tell that joke!)

...And how many poor kids got deformed forearms from eating that vile green stuff? And blue toes? What kind of steroids did they lace that s**t with anyway?!?!

What's more, if those folks could have read the funnies in the Chinese papers, They's know that "General Tso's Chicken" was far more hilarious than you ever were, and HE'D have the franchise.