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Posted By: GUEST,Loretta Louse
24-Aug-05 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
Subject: RE: BS: Cartoon Characters who didn't make it.
Everything Ralphy said is true, except that it was Mitzi Gaynor to whom he meant to compare the great Andrew J. Morgenstern IV, the tapdancing gorilla. Mitzi had great legs, but she couldn't tapdance like Andrew could. Licky was my great uncle, a true gentleman, and he was probably the most talented insect in the history of film. He is greatly missed. We also had the good fortune to know Ima de Best, because he stayed at our apartment once for 3 weeks. He was amazing. If he had been a human being, I feel sure that he would be as well known today in Mexico as Benito Juarez.

When Licky threatened to sue "the rodent" for blatantly stealing his Licky Louse Club idea, a bunch of "heavies" showed up at his house late one night with baseball bats and a can of bug spray. Licky was not afraid of them, but they threatened to rub out the entire family. Licky couldn't allow his own interests to imperil his wife and children, so he walked away into the sunset. He tried to get work at the other studios, but Disney had blacklisted him. All the doors were closed. It was over for Licky. The vat of hot butter may have killed his body, but it was Hollywood that killed his spirit.

I dearly hope that "the rodent" has had a few sleepless nights over it, that's all I can say.