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Posted By: Dave (the ancient mariner)
24-Dec-99 - 08:14 AM
Thread Name: Help: What is a 'forebitter'?
Ladies please. I never would ignore you, if thou thinkest so forgive me, I beg thee... Having spent a goodly part of my life without female company, and being a humble male who is blessed to worship at the altar of your loveliness, I would never ignore you for long. Perish the thought, ladies, and join us in a song?

Sarah Makem sang this one:


Oh, it's of a rich nobleman's daughter.
Caroline is her name I am told.
It was out her drawing room window
She admired a young sailor bold.

Oh, she says, "I'm a rich nobleman's daughter
And possessed of great riches and gold.
I'll forsake both my father and mother
And marry a young sailor bold."

Oh, he says, "My wee girl, do not mind me.
It's your parents you are bound to mind,
For in sailors there's no great dependence,
For they leave their true lovers behind."

Oh, she says, "There's no-one can prevent me.
Just one moment would alter my mind,
And I'll ship and be off with my true love,
For he will never leave me behind."

Three years and a half on the ocean,
And she always proved loyal and true,
And her duty she did like a sailor
Dressed up in her jacket of blue.

And when they arrived back in England,
Straight way to her father she went.

"Oh, father, dear father, forgive me,
And deprive me of riches and gold,
But it's grant me one favour I ask of:
It's to marry a young sailor bold."

For the father he looked upon William,
In love and in sweet unity,
And says, "If I be spared till tomorrow,
It's married this couple will be."

Cordially. Dave