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Posted By: Severn
20-Jul-05 - 08:40 PM
Thread Name: beer commercials/jingles
Subject: RE: beer commercials
I am the proud owner of a Dr. Seuss illustrated "Gangway For Gansett!" beer tray with an Indian Chief on some sort of a prototype skateboard rolling downhill past a cat while holding a tray with a cold frosty mug and a bottle on it in one hand. He used to illustrate their ads before he became huge in children's book sales and no longer needed that sort of revenue. It might explain, however, how he saw all that stuff on Mulberry Street, though, and how hegot himself "On Beyond Zebra" on occaision. If he'd stuck with it,in later years, maybe Horton would have heard the Who on a brewery sponsored 10th annual farewell tour. (Come to think of it, Opera perfected those multiple farewell tours long before Rock, so that when Townshend co-opted Opera, it probably came with the territory......but I digress).

I used to drink Naragansett Porter out of longnecks when I'd go up to Maine. They were only American brewery I knew of back in those pre- MicroBrew days (and nights) that bottled the stuff, which I'd only known about from all those Irish drinking songs.


"The Beer Brewed Just Right For Drinking", eh?--As opposed to being for cooking crabs or pouring on garden slugs I guess. (That would have been "Glorious" Piels, or Hals or Iron City, I suppose).