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Posted By: Fortunato
20-Dec-99 - 02:55 PM
Thread Name: OBIT: Hank Snow Passes
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
One night after hours in a little smoke-filled honky-tonk in Nashville a jam session was cookin' late. All the great session players were there and the music was hot. When suddenly the back door to the club swings open and fog drifts in through the open door. There in the fog, outlined in a halo of light, stood Hank Snow. The music stopped. The players watched frozen as he walked slowly over to the stage, opened his guitar case, took out his Gibson Hummingbird, and stepped up on the stage.
"You boys mind if I join in?" he said.
"No sir," the guitar player said, but Mr. Snow, uh, you're dead right?"
" Yes, son, I'm dead, but once in a while St. Peter lets me slip out to play a tune or two. Do ya'll know "I've Been Everywhere in E?"
So they played the tune. At the end of the song the sparse crowd applauded, though they looked a little shaken.
"Mr. Snow", the guitar player said, "What's it like in heaven?"
"It's fine, son, everybody's there you know, Hank and Roy and Patsy and all. We all get together and play every day. There's just this one thing, you know?"
"What's that Mr. Snow?"
"Well God's got this girl friend and she thinks she can sing."