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Posted By: Frank in the swamps
25-Oct-97 - 04:45 AM
Thread Name: use of the recorder in Celtic music
Subject: RE: use of the recorder in Celtic music
My instrument is really the guitar, but I've always loved the recorder. I toot a little but never was any good at it, no breath control. I know the instrument is ancient, it was common in medieval times and I've seen photo's of old recorders made out of bone and ivory. I'm not going to claim any scholastic authority here, but the recorder was known all over western europe at an early date, and wood has always been available to poor folks. I'll bet Celts were playing wooden fipple flutes before they were playing tin whistles. In any case, Scots & Irish tunes are what I try to play on it myself. Sounds great and has more historical authenticity than guitar.

Frank I.T.S.