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Posted By: Highlandman
06-Jun-05 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Review: Celtic Women on PBS
Subject: RE: Review: Celtic Women on PBS
For my part, there's a bit to agree with in everyone's comments.

I enjoyed the musical selections. The voices were excellent, the harpist was engaging but the fiddler didn't impress me (most any fiddler does, actually, so that's saying a lot).

IMO there were two dead giveaways that they were lypsynching -- the laughable little headset mics and the lack of visible means of support for the very good vocal production -- but so what if they were, considering it was a made-for-TV gig.

What I found disappointing was that the overriding production value was eye candy rather than a genuine passion for the music. But I wouldn't ding the performers for that. They can't help it if they're attractive any more than I can help that I'm -- well, not. ;-)

I'll be on the lookout for these ladies to appear in another format, but I won't support this program.

btw, this is my official First Post here -- this is a terrific community.