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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
31-May-05 - 04:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: From Britain With bigtotry Part2
Subject: RE: BS: From Britain With bigtotry Part2
No Martin, that's not quite ALL you have done.

You have indeed drawn attention to an instance of genuine concern. If the chain of events was as described, the action was indefensible, and the instigator should be subject to punishment for such action.

What I am objecting to is the several casual references to anti semitism being rife, and routine, in the UK.

I don't believe that you have sufficient knowledge of the UK to make such observations, and you certainly cannot extrapolate from one incident, however reprehensible, to that sweeping generality.

Please believe me when I say that sixty five years of living here, in a culture which includes a very large number of Jews, in all walks of life, does qualify me to say that I would be aware of any large scale animosity toward them. In the main, it just does not exist.

The BNP, and certain others who may hate Jews, are a very tiny proportion of the population of this country, and most of us work and socialise with members of our community, without necessarily becoming aware that they ARE Jewish, and certainly without being concerned if they are.

Don T.