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Posted By: GUEST,Don (Wysiwyg) T by the back door
31-May-05 - 06:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: From Britain With bigtotry Part2
Subject: RE: BS: From Britain With bigtotry Part2

As your last post was a genuine expression of opinion, it's worthy of rational discussion. So here goes!

1. I don't have sufficient knowledge of the situation in the US to agree or disagree with your comments on anti semitism there, tho' I have seen references to jews having difficulty in becoming members of certain country clubs and golf clubs. I have no way to know whether these are true or not.

2. I would suggest that you are in the same position in terms of your knowledge of my country. There are jews in every walk of life here from dustmen to MPs, and there is no problem for those of the Jewish faith in attaining to the highest positions.

Jew haters here are a tiny insignificant minority, and I haven't heard of any club or association that asks prospective members "Are you Jewish?", let alone turns they away.

I don't know where your info on British anti Semitism comes from, but I would suggest that they are less persecuted here than in Israel, where they run the risk of being blown up by suicide bombers.

Don T.