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Posted By: GUEST,Somebody offended by the whole rotten affair
30-May-05 - 09:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schapelle Corby
Subject: RE: BS: Schapelle Corby
I realize I'm American, and this isn't really my business or affair. It's for her own nation and relatives to deal with. But what the hell were they thinking? Ten well-armed trained mercs could have extracted her from the courtroom and had her out of the country in a matter of minutes! A simple matter of wiping out the officials at the front of the courtroom and dragging her out to the street for a helo extraction. She could've been feet wet in minutes and on a ship a hundred knots out of Indonesian territorial waters in an hour. So why the hell were her family crying and making a spectacle instead of doing what was necessary to get her loose!!! This is the sort of thing that creates fueds here in the States that've killed hundreds. It's at least grounds to assasinate the judges and their families in retaliation! So why were they standing around wailing like lost souls instead of doing something.