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Posted By: GUEST,Realist
29-May-05 - 05:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Schapelle Corby
Subject: RE: BS: Schapelle Corby
So Schapelle Corby and her supporters would like us to all believe that she is the innocent victim in a drug smuggling ring.

I hesitate at this notion that the drugs were put into her bag for transport to Sydney or any other part of the world for the following.

Here we have 4 kilo's or about 10 pounds of cannabis that's worth around 30 thousand dollars.

I have serious reservations that any drug dealer would relinquish control of his stash. but here goes the scenario.

Think of the position he puts himself in. Firstly either he or a friend (who will want to get paid for the endeavour)needs to enter a highly secure area (an airport) with a large bag of dope. What idiot would try this as even if they think they can get away with it the chances of discovery are increased with the area they are going into.

This person then has to find a piece of baggage that's going to the destination of choice that has enough room to fit 10 pounds of dope in it and is in a position that allows him to get the dope into the bag without being detected. Very risky in a secure area even if you know what's going on.

Let's say the end destination is Sydney. The person now has to put the next guy in the line in the loop and tell him what flight and which bag. The possibility of the next guy being in the right place at the right time without anybody being around is very low as the selection of the bag etc is random and who knows where loader no. 2 is going to be working in Sydney.

Can he get to the correct flight baggage and find the correct bag in time.

(How long would it take for Airport staff to find your baggage if you had to be offloaded from a flight - 10 minutes 20 minutes???)

Loader N0 2 then has to get the dope out and secret it in the airport somewhere without another person knowing before heading to the next person who is probably the buyer.

Lets get real here, if the dope is only worth 30K how much is it going to cost to pay the loaders, lets say a grand each - which is chicken feed to earn if you could be caught with 10 pounds up your jumper. Even 5 grand each probably wouldn't do much to entice and that's 30% of the value of the product.

The risk that's inherent with at least two other people handling your product is high even in an honest transaction.

The possibility of the package ending up at the correct destination is very very low. but this drug dealer is going to take the chances because driving to Sydney is far too risky!

Why on earth wouldn't you just hire a bloody limousine and have some one drive you from Brisbane to Sydney. I'm sure it would be cheaper, comfortable and a little less risky.

For all that say "yeah but It happens" I say to you that if the shipment is 4 kilos of coke then the profit is so high and the money to offer the loaders is irresistible. For 4 kilos of dope - I doubt it very much.   

Think of it like this, how good would your chances be if you had a pillow case stashed with 30000 dollars in 50 dollar notes and you took the above steps to get it from Brisbane to Sydney.

How many of you would try it and succeed if it was filled with feathers. Would the chances of you getting the pillow case in Sydney be 50/50... Probably less and the Corby supporters swear that this is how the dope got into the bag.

The reality is that dope dealers don't let chance come into the delivery of the product without trying to negate it. They usually have mules to transit the drug. When there are no mules they pay high prices to make sure it gets through and cannabis doesn't earn enough to be in this class of drug travel.

I noted that the demeanour of Corby c hanged within minutes of the sentence, her normal hysterical self was able to try and clam her mother. She was in control and certainly showed to me that perhaps all the previous hysteria was for the courts benefit.

It amazes me that in this accelerated would she wouldn't submit to the court simple things like polygraph tests etc. If the innocence was that profound this would have been a marvellous test to start the court case with.

This has been a well orchestrated press sale that has produced excellent profits for the news agencies her in Australia. What a better cause to exploit - beautiful girl in a Bali prison...we lapped it up like puppies in a feeding frenzy