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Posted By: Tam the man
28-May-05 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schapelle Corby
Subject: RE: BS: Schapelle Corby
if she was innocent then she wouldn't being sent to prison would she now.

And when am I the only one getting it in the neck, for expressing an opinon, there is guest Joe who said, Fucking who cares, let her rot!get him told as well.
and stop ganging up on me please, all I want is a peaceful life, I wish I had started psting on this thread.
And you lot call yourselves, peace lovers, and yet you all hate me because I said that she was gulity.

As far as I'm concerned (Pardon the spelling) I hope that she is found innocent but until then the JURY found her gulity that's why she was sent to prison, if the JURY had found her innocent then she would be a free woman and we would not be having this talk.

I will not be answering any more messages anymore on this thread.