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Posted By: hilda fish
28-May-05 - 07:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Schapelle Corby
Subject: RE: BS: Schapelle Corby
By Australian justice, which has its underpinnings in 'innocent until proved guilty', with the onus on the prosecutor to prove guilt, she most likely would have been found 'not guilty'. By Indonesian justice where the onus is on the accused to disprove guilt, it was inevitable that she be found guilty because she had admitted to owning the body board bag which contained the drugs. The laws in both Australia and in Indonesia by the nature of how they are and their underpinnings, are pretty rigid. In either case their is not much room to move. Consideration is based on the charges on the prescribed limitations fixed around sentencing. The law appears to be an ass in either country in my opinion. However by all reasonable and logical standards, she does appear to be a very innocent party in which case it is a terrible thing that she is facing 20 years in prison, whether it be Australia or overseas. I have no illusions that the appeal is going to help as one can't get around the fact that by Indonesian legal practice she has admitted guilt to possession by saying that the body board container was hers. If she had said that it was not (because she didn't recognise its contents) she wouldn't be legally in deep shit. On another tack, the first couple of times I went overseas my baggage was clearly tampered with including broken locks. Many of my fellow passengers assured me this was usual. I have found out since that it is so now I only take hand luggage and it travels with me. People are gladwrapping their bags but it doesn't help if you are a determined thief which it seems that some baggage handlers here in Australia are. Meanwhile poor Schappelle Corby is facing 20 years and as much as anyone can say 'rot in hell' I don't wish anyone to 'rot in hell'. I have such an uncomfortable feeling about this one and feel very helpless.