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Posted By: DonMeixner
27-May-05 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schapelle Corby
Subject: RE: BS: Schapelle Corby
I read this story recently on a news listing from AOL. And I have read this thread here. I does wonder me how anyone would go to a foriegn country noted for their incredibly intolerant justice system and knowing that they could be excecuted for carrying in some weed that grows wild the world round.

I have no way of knowing her guilt or innocence. And the law is the law, no matter how Draconian or corrupt it may be. In the US for most crimes, pot crimes included, it is up to the State or law enforcement system to prove guilt. AS I read this article it is up to the accused to prove innocence. The deck appears stacked.

I wish this young woman well. Twenty years is a bit stiff for a pot conviction, even for this amount. And I hope her innocence is proven quickly.

How often are international travelers told to let nothing out of their sight for this very reason. How many have unwitingly carried a bomb or drugs aboard a plane.

I know people who take nothing abroad but what they can carry on. They buy what ever they need overseas in the way of underwear and toiletries and they leave it behind when they return.

I don't fly. But if I did I would certainly avoid most of the third world in large part for this very reason.