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Posted By: Haruo
22-May-05 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: Liliuokalani's 'O kou aloha no'
Subject: Liliuokalani's 'O kou aloha no'
I'm rather amazed to see how little mention Liliuokalani receives in the whole Mudcat corpus. Only two mentions in the forum (both by me!) and none of her texts (or tunes).

My immediate interest is in determining vowel length in the text of her "O kou aloha no". The Cyber Hymnal has silly little almost invisible, oddly off-center diareses (umlauts) over some of the vowels, which I'm thinking may be an attempt to render macrons. The long vowels in Hawai'ian are supposed to be written with macrons: (we'll just see if those make it through the wringer!).

I'd also like to know if there's a singing version in English. The only English translation I've seen (in the New Century Hymnal at #580; anonymous) is not at all adaptable to the tune:
Your love is in heaven and your truth so perfect. I live in sorrow imprisoned; you are my light, your glory my support. Behold not with malevolence the sins of humankind, but forgive and cleanse. And so, O Lord, beneath your wings be our peace forever more.

The song was written during Liliuokalani's imprisonment following her deposition by American planters in 1893 and the abortive attempt at reinstatement in 1894.

But I really am astounded that at the very least "Aloha 'Oe" and/or its English version "Farewell to thee" isn't in the DT.