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Posted By: GUEST,Patrick McFarland
05-May-05 - 02:35 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I Ain't Been Anywhere (Hank Snow)
Subject: Lyr Add: I AIN'T BEEN ANYWHERE (from Hank Snow)
Using the information provided by Jim Dixon
Date: 27 Mar 05 - 11:46 PM

Transcribed from the sound file at The Record Lady's All-Time Country Favorites, Requests Page Six (There are a few holes.):

I used a sound file taken from the Hank Snow - Singing Rangers Vol 3 12 disc set, disk 6 1992 release. I then used Nero Wave Editor to apply some Transposing and Time Correcting to slow the vocal down enough to pick out the missing words. Then I did a web search for each word as I thought they sounded to find the correct cities. I hope this meets with everyone's approval.

I AIN'T BEEN ANYWHERE by (Larry Butler, 1971)

I was sittin' at home just a-list'nin' to my radio,
An' along came a fella who apparently had been on the go.
Well, he started in a-braggin' 'bout ev'rywhere he'd been,
And there isn't any place in this whole world he hasn't seen.
You ask me where I've been, an' I'm a-going to tell you, pard.
Why, ain't even been outside the gate in my backyard.

I ain't been anywhere, Joe.
I ain't been anywhere, Joe.
I didn't want to go, so
I guess I'll never know, Joe.
An old stick in the mud, bud
I ain't been anywhere.

1. I ain't seen London, Paris, Washington, Chicago,
Bombay, Mandalay, Calgary, Cashmere,
Thailand, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland,
Halifax, Poland, Switzerland, Scotland,
Liverpool, Dry Gulch, Tombstone, Moscow,
Carlsbad, Leningrad, Stalingrad, doodad.


2. Siam, Amsterdam, Oslo, Rotterdam,
Birmingham, Tokyo, Melbourne, Saigon,
Trinidad, Hong Kong, Florida, Reykjavik,
Copenhagen, Berlin, Congo, Key West,
Petersburg, Wallaceburg, Cherbourg, Luxembourg,
Chalush, Toronto, Cripple Creek, I am sick.


3. Kumquat, Limerick, Inverness, Loch Ness,
Swansea, Cuanda, Colombo, Gold Coast,
Edinburgh, Singapore, Galveston, Okinawa,
Blarney, Killarney, Karachi, Pyongyang,
Warsaw, Tarancon, Down, Libya,
Goose Bay, Labrador, Outer Space, no place.


4. Olio, Toledo, Wexford, Frankfurt,
Silverton, Norfolk, Alamo, Sabula,
Brighton, Kiowa, Denmark, Dover,
Challis, Rio, Lima, Philippines,
Hebrides, Hawaii, Portland, Cleveland,
Leipzig, Laramie, Horsehair, nowhere.


Wait a minute! Horsehair! Why, doggone it,
that's my hometown, so I guess I must 'a' been there, huh?

SUNG: I ain't been anywhere

[Recorded by Hank Snow on "Cure for the Blues," RCA Victor LSP-4379, 1971.]