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Posted By: PoppaGator
26-Apr-05 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: Folk artists who are pagan
Subject: RE: Folk artists who are pagan
Pagans are not, as I understand it, "nonbelievers" or athiests ~ they are definitely believers, perhaps (but not necessarily) polythiests. Not to be equated with "heathens."

Am I a folk artist who am pagan? My answers are: yes-and-no.

"No" answers first:

I'm not a "folk artist," not really: folk (and blues, and rock, and jazz) hobbyist, yes. And I'm not a member of any pagan group, neo- or otherwise, and I don't use any of that neo-pagan terminology (e.g., my wife and I got married, not "handfasted," etc.)

And then on the other hand, my "yes" answers:

I definitely believe in something beyond human understanding, and I don't believe that any of the clearly-defined concepts of God served up by the various major religions are adequate. Paganism's spiritual appreciation of creation as manifestation of the "Creator" or the "Life Force" or whatever makes lots of sense to me.

And as far as being an artist goes: I may not be a professional performer anymore (and may not have been pazrticularly successful during the years when I gave it a shot), but hell yes, I'm an artist ~ in everything I do!