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Posted By: Philippa
07-Dec-99 - 06:12 PM
Thread Name: Flanders ballad in Polish--fun project!
Subject: RE: Flanders ballad in Polish--fun project!
When I was in Poland I also went to a Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow which featured a lot of Klezmer music. Michael Alpert of 'Brave New World' taught the dance workshop. Alpert is an American who writes songs in Yiddish. I was very impressed that he taught through the medium of Polish. He could be a good person to contact before you go. I think he works at NYU??

The cassette I have of Brave New World gives the following contact addresses for the band:

Mr Mitch Greenhill
Folklore Productions
1871 Appian Way
Santa Monica, Ca 90401
tel (213) 451-0767
fax (213) 458-6005

Ms Rita Ottens
Bernberger Str. 18
1000 Berlin 61
(030) 261 74 32
fax: (030) 261 91 76

You might get more up to date information via a websearch or from other Mudcatteers.