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Posted By: Bob Bolton
15-Apr-05 - 01:30 AM
Thread Name: leaks fixed - cheap (recorder repair)
Subject: RE: leaks fixed - cheap (recorder repair)
G'day Gargs,

One of the problems/advantages with cyano-acrylate glues, like Superglue is that they expand anaerobically ... when not in contact with oxygen. That's why they seal and glue so well in complex, well-fitting fractures. The down-side to that is that the expansion can squeeze an existing crack further apart. Perhaps your dilution to a slurry means there isn't enough cyano-acrylate material left, after the acetone evaporates, to cause damage.

We (electricity supply test lab) had a case where carbon fibre shields (~ "Kevlar") shattered on new high voltage probes - because they were a rush job and had been glued with cyano-acrylates, instead of the usual epoxy. The full-strength cyano-acrylate penetrated all the fine cavities around the carbon fibres, and reduced the shields to a web of fractures!

Wood, may have enough slack, as space in cells, to prevent that problem ... but I would start, on any good flute or recorder, with a thorough swabbing with good woodwind oil (or Almond oil) ... taking care not to oil up the pads - leading to sticky, non-responsive keys. A carefull oiling has usually revived woodwinds displaying all sorts of squeaks and poor tone.