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Posted By: GUEST,Tory Boy
08-Apr-05 - 11:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Official UK election thread 2005
Subject: RE: BS: Official UK election thread 2005

Very sorry for my ha ha ha affliction.
It's just that I cannot stop laughing about the beauty of this election.
My doorstepping friends, incidentally, are finding that well over 60% of white working class people canvassed are scared of immigrants, asylum seekers (not even bogus!), travellers, gypsies, east-europeans, black and brown people.
We are sure that this is because of the leadership's successful posters which only HINT and as they are non-specific, people fill in their own views.
Believe me, these messages are winning over people who voted BNP, UKIP and were thinking of Veritas too. So you see we're capturing both far left - by defection from labouring party - and far right at the same time!!

I'm sorry but:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha