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Posted By: GUEST,Jon
05-Apr-05 - 11:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: Official UK election thread 2005
Subject: RE: BS: Official UK election thread 2005
Old One, I for one don't remember telling anyone who to vote for. That said, I would have considered the American choice easier for me to make than the UK choice.

My politics are slightly to the left of centre. Assuming just Bush and Kerry, my choice would have been easy as my wanting to vote towards the party of the two that would be slightly closer to my own views and my wanting to vote to express my digust over Iraq would lead me in the same direction.

In much of the UK we are considering Conservatives and Labour as the most likely parties to form a government. That would cause me a problem as, much as I dislike New Labour, Conservatives move even further away from me views but I would still want to express my disgust over Iraq. This situation has my desires pulling in oppoisite directions.

As I indicated above though. I live in an area that is pretty much conservative territory with Lib Dem (who did get in for the first time last GE) forming the opposition so I can vote for someone who stands a good chance of getting re-elected without being "torn". I'd probably opt to vote the same way in other parts of the country but may fell a little more reluctant to do so as I wouldn't feel so confident I was voting for someone likely to get in.

That said, maybe it's better anyway to just vote for who you belive in the most anyway rather than sometimes voting tactically to try to help ensure the party you least want does not get in.