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Posted By: mandoleer
05-Apr-05 - 09:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Official UK election thread 2005
Subject: RE: BS: Official UK election thread 2005
I'd like to propose a change to the voting system. Every voter should have two votes, one positive and one negative. That way, people who can't agree on who they want in have a chance to say who they want out. It would give a new dimension to strategic voting. Personally, I agree with the SF writer who said that anyone who stands for public office thereby declares themselves unfit to hold it. In my town, I don't like the Lib Dem MP, and reckon the Tory candidate's not much better. The Labour one will be a no-hoper or first-time try-out, and I don't want to support Blair anyway. I don't like the rest of the Greens' policies - the ones you don't see immediately, and the rest of the candidates are likely to be anti EC, or possibly even BNP type. I think I'll spoil my paper.....