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Posted By: hilda fish
31-Mar-05 - 04:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
Subject: RE: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
When my first-born son died I HAD to go onto anti-depressants because, obviously, of not only grief, but also searching for reasons to live and more reasons came up to die. So grief stricken I was dangerous and crazy. When I started taking them I experienced dopiness, inability to concentrate etc. etc. for about six weeks and then things got, not okay, but not this terrible awful feeling every day. But I didn't want to take anti-depressants because I had things about drugs and drug companies and so on that were big social issues for me. So I just stopped taking them after about three months. Bad move! Had to go on them again and took them for about 18 months and when I went off them I took it at a much slower rate than you're doing - cut down a sixth each time and the changeover period was six weeks for each one extending to eight weeks for the last sections. So overall it was quite a while before I 'came down'. I had no side effects and all went well. I'm 'drug free' as I say now and so glad they were available to me. They helped me to live and to 'live for others'. Talking to many others, where there are any side effects, see your doctor and organise to do it very much more slowly as a number of members have already advised. Exercise, eating right, and stuff like bush-walking, swimming, team sport or whatever is a good natural anti-depressant. Releases serotonin and fitness and social life are good natural anti-depressants. Lifes tough and lifes good and life changes. Go for it!