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Posted By: GUEST,anonymouse#24
29-Mar-05 - 09:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
Subject: RE: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
I haven't been down your road Guest MOYKN, but my son did Paxil for a year and also found the ride more than a bit bumpy when getting off the meds. For him, as you are hoping, it did indeed eventually pass, although the time frame was longer than he wished. Exercising (running in his case) frequently and strenuously helped alot.

I gotta caution you on the self-medicating with Cannabis thing.
My son had been doing pot 24/7 for about 2 years. According to his MD, by doing that much, his natural seratonin levels became really low, which he realized all to well when he quit the pot cold turkey. Cranking them back up with the SSRI's was the one off the things that kept him from being a suicide statistic. My point is, don't do so much MJ that you find you've traded one devil for another.
I hope you can find a way to Stay Strong...