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Posted By: Once Famous
29-Mar-05 - 08:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
Subject: RE: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
I used to use marijuana medically. Eat a big meal, feel like shit, smoke a joint, bump into a wall.

Most of it was just a pyschological form of well being, I suppose. Just like needing a joint for sex, music, help you sleep. help you move your bowels, etc. I'm glad I got off that crap and the false reasons for using it. I don't cough any more, either.

Looks like Mudcat has quite a few that keep the shrinks and pharmacys busy. Great. Mental Illness has come a long way. Why, we even have folk music forums that serve as group therapy.

Does any one know the words to "I've always been Crazy, but it's kept me from Going Insane."