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Posted By: Metchosin
29-Mar-05 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
Subject: RE: BS: Anti-Depressants / Getting off of
Something you might consider taking is salmon oil to replenish your levels of DHA? (if my recollection serves, I think that was the name of the chemical). There was a programme on the CBC here in Canada where they were discussing a recent study regarding post partum depression.

Apparently post partum depression is relatively rare in countries where diets are high in fish oils which contain DHA and it was found, when a female is pregnant, the fetus strips this chemical from the mother's brain in large quatities and if it is not replenished, depression occurs in the mother. It was a bit more complicated than what I recall here, but that is sort of the gist of the findings.

If low DHA? levels can cause post partum depression in mothers, perhaps it could figure in other depressions as well. It certainly shouldn't cause any harm to include it in your diet.

Regarding anxiety attacks, valerian is very useful, however, I would think you should run its use past your physician, to determine if there could be any adverse interreactions with what you are currently taking. Best wishes.