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Posted By: Willie-O
03-Dec-99 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: When should you be paid for performing?
Subject: RE: When should you be paid for performing?
Hmm, I thought about this all day, then when I finally get back to it, I find my basic premise has been mostly blown out of the water.

I was going to say, I guess it's a cultural difference. But apparently this isn't the case, since all my arguments have already been made.

All save the matter of sessions. I think different regions handle them differently. In the scene I know--Ottawa, Ontario--there are several weekly sessions that have been going on once a week for years. They are all in pubs and all hosted by a paid professional player. Everyone knows that it's Nathan's gig, or Charles (de Lint)'s session, and therefore that that person and some of his friends (not the same ones every time) will be there. And thus each session has a particular personality and a sort of predictable decorum--you go to the one(s) you're most comfortable at. (This is somewhat true of open stages too, although some have regular rotations of host).

Over the years, various sessions have been started without a real host--these ones haven't lasted. Just no way to tell who if anyone would come to play, and they withered away.

Fact is, pub owners--of whom there are many now--aren't musicians, but they want the ambiance, and a reason for people to come and drink there on a non-weekend evening, and are prepared to pay for it. (This is very good training for pub owners IMHO) For the hosts, its not big money but a nice steady low-key gig. If they happen to enjoy playing, and its at a table rather than on a stage, what about it?

Now I know in some other areas there might be a club that likes to get together and play in a pub on a more egalitiarian basis. Nothing wrong with that either, of course, it just doesn't happen here.

Bill C