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Posted By: Jacob Bloom
02-Dec-99 - 06:28 PM
Thread Name: When should you be paid for performing?
Subject: RE: When should you be paid for performing?
So many good things have been said here already. I'll add just one more thought.

It's fine if you never perform for money, but you should never feel shy about asking for money for showing up to perform.

Ideally, nine-to-five jobs would work that way as well. They pay you for the time that they obligate you show up, and you do what needs to be done out of love for the work once you get there.

If someone wants you to commit some of your time to them, you have a right to ask them to make it worth your while. You can waive that right if you want to.

Personally, I find that I do a better performance if I'm being paid. If I'm working for free I find myself trying to impress the audience, but if I'm being paid, I find myself feeling that the offer of payment proves that someone already believes that I'm good at what I do. I then relax and enjoy myself more. And when I'm having fun, I find that the audience also has more fun.